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i-Stop Wireless Docking Control Safety System

Preventing truck movement in logistics centers during unloading/loading.

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The "i-Stop" (Safety Docking System) is designed to improve safety while loading/unloading a truck at the logistics center’s Platform. Opening the platform door will only be possible after the truck driver has secured the truck's wheels with a unique stop brace known as i-Stop. If the stop brace (i-Stop) is moved before loading/unloading comes to an end, the system will provide an audio-visual warning to the forklift driver so that he can get out of the truck or, alternatively, not enter it

System Advantages:

•  A wireless system that communicates with the logistics warehouse without electrical/communication cables.

• Ability to withstand the load of the truck's weight - made of metal with a unique global control unit.

• The i-Stop control system is powered by a battery that can be replaced once a year.

• There is no need to maintain the system due to electrical cable tearing or wear.

• The system does not disrupt existing communication frequencies in the logistics center.

• The system does not limit or detract from the function of unloading or loading (the system includes a By-Pass button that allows the door to be opened, or maintenance work to be performed by an authorized person only at the loading dock).


System Configuration:

•  110-220V/24V control system.

•  Two traffic lights with red / green LED lamps, each a diameter of 100 mm, or 3.93 inches.

•  Metallic brace with wireless control unit.

•  Handle and warning sign.



:Demo Film


29-300730 :Catalog Number

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i-Stop Matrix

Operation, logistics and safety information system.

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The world’s first information system that constantly monitors all truck activities in logistic centers including any specific needed operation, logistics performed and safety measures taken

System Benefits:

•  Compatible with any existing logistics site.

•  The system is independent - does not require prior preparations or adjustments.

•  Optimizes existing operational, logistics, and safety methods.

•  Provides up-to-date information + situation analysis that  optimizes loading/unloading methods.

•  Incorporating the most advanced logistics safety measures taken.


28-10778 :Catalog Number

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SOZ3 System

Safety Operation Zone 3.

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The Safety Operation Zone 3 (SOZ3) safety system is using an arced light strip to mark a safety limit at the rear of the forklift. A person or an object that crosses the light area will immediately trigger an audible alarm. The system is suitable for indoors only


The system comes in 3 possible configurations:

1. A rear section borderline that marks a security area with an arc strip using a powerful blue glowing LED light. Contact of the light with a person or an object will warn of a possible accident before the forklift arrives at the meeting point.

2. Two side lights (Trim strips) can be added on the sides of the forklift, completing a semi-circle and creating a 270° regional warning arc

3. A 360° coverage with 4 lights on the top of the forklift.

In all options, the system can be assembled without a warning sound.



:Demo Film

A safety system with a rear cutout border

16-140001 :Catalog Number

A safety system with 2 side lights to cover 270 degrees

16-140002 :Catalog Number

A safety system with 4 flashlights for 360 degree coverage

16-140003 :Catalog Number

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JOP System

An observation post system for intersections in logistics centers.

jop tl photo5 new.png
jop st photo2.png
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jop tlst photo.png

The observation post system is an advanced multi-directional warning system designed to prevent accidents at meeting places with forklifts.

The system is designed for cross sections in logistics centers. As soon as the system detects a forklift approaching the intersection, the traffic light facing the approaching forklift turns green, while red lights appear to all other directions. In addition to the traffic lights, and as soon as the system detects an approaching forklift an orange warning lamp gives an audio-visual warning. A STOP sign will be projected onto the floor for systems installed with a projector. The system is designed to detect forklifts and not pedestrians.


The product set includes:

•  One control unit.

•  Four traffic lights with red and green LED lights.

•  Four forklift detectors with a range of 6-12 m (20-33 feet).

•  A projector projecting a STOP sign on the floor (optional).

•  One flashing orange LED light and a horn with the ability to sdjust the volume of the sound 84-104 dB.

•  Hanging and anchoring accessories.


System dimensions:

400/320/360 mm, Weight: 7.5 kg

15.7/12.6/14.1 Inch, Weight: 16.5 lb



:Demo Films


JOP System with 4-way forklift identification, 4 traffic lights +

4 detectors + warning horn + voice alert

:Catalog Number

JOP-TL 44-120004

JOP System with 4-way forklift identification, 4 detectors +

warning horn + voice alert + stop sign

:Catalog Number

JOP-ST 44-120005

JOP System with 4-way forklift identification, 4 traffic lights +

4 detectors + stop sign

:Catalog Number

JOP-TLSTS 44-150450

JOP System with 4-way forklift identification, 4 traffic lights +

4 detectors + warning horn + voice alert + stop sign

:Catalog Number

JOP-TLST 44-150500

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Alerting Observation Post

An advanced warning system that prevents accidents where forklifts cross.

op photo.png
op photo2.png

The observation post is designed to prevent accidents between forklifts or between a person and a forklift at meeting points in warehouses/factories.

The system activates a warning lamp when detecting a movement of a forklift or a person towards a designated meeting point.

The detection range is 4-8 meters (13-26 feet) before the encounter point.

A voice warning system, a powerful red-green LED traffic light and/or a spotlight projecting a stop sign on the floor can be added.

Up to 4 sensors can be connected to the control system.


System Advantages:

•  Immediate identification of a forklift or a person (walking or traveling).

• Fast & simple installation (connection is made to the 24V infrastructure).

• Possibility to make changes according to specific customer's requirements, area conditions (adding an additional warning lamp, wiring to a distant point or a need for a waterproof unit).

• Low cost.

:Demo Film

Observation Post with one detector

46-130001 :Catalog Number

Observation Post with two detectors

46-130002 :Catalog Number

Observation Post with three detectors

46-130003 :Catalog Number

Observation Post with four detectors

46-130004 :Catalog Number

  (A spotlight illuminating a “STOP” sign on the floor (optional addition

44-150500 :Catalog Number

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Marking Right - Safety Flag

Make yourself easily visible at all times.

safety flag photo1.png
safety flag photo2.png

A safety flag for vehicles is commonly used in numerous countries throughout the world.

The safety flag is designed to adhere to the roof of the vehicle by the aerodynamic structure of the flag base. We successfully prevented "flipping" of the vehicle's roof flag when traveling at 70/100 Km/h.

The flag comes with 3 or 6 magnets, at a capacity of 39 kg/cm² each.


The  safety flag serves as identification for:

•  Vehicles traveling in an operating area.

•  Remote identification of vehicles. 

•  Identifying groups of vehicles traveling in a group and more.


Flag base: 20X20 cm, weight: 400 g

Flag: glowing orange, 40X30 cm


Material: Fiberglass

Diameter ø6mm / Length 150cm / Weight 100g

90-12010 :Catalog Number

:For additional Information

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