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i-Stop System

See how we made your loading / unloading safer like never before

With Solan i-Stop Docking Control a truck will no longer move with a forklift inside.

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Safe loading and unloading is now possible in any logistics center with our safety docking system


Modern logistic centers are based on rapid passage of goods, and on maintaining efficiency in cargo loading and unloading. Because of this pressure, many accidents occur during unloading and loading. Most of these relate to a lack of communication between the truck driver and the workers at the loading platform. Indeed, there were many cases where forklifts were trapped in a moving truck or fell as the truck pulled away from the platform.


The i-Stop Docking Control System is designed precisely to prevent the recurrence of these events. The truck driver who parks at the platform will not be able to start unloading or loading goods before securing the truck's tires with Solan’s unique stop-breaker: the i-Stop. Only when i-Stop is attached to the truck wheels does it become possible to open the logistics center’s platform door and the truck can no longer move from its place. Now the forklift driver can perform his duties safely.


If the driver will decide to move the i-Stop there will be immediate two kinds of alerts: a 15-second horn warning that will allow the forklift driver to get out of the truck and back to the platform safely. In addition, a red LED light will appear indicating that whoever is currently inside the truck must return to the platform.


Download the iStop Docking Control presentation

i-Stop Docking Control System Advantages


  • i-Stop is a wireless system that communicates with the logistics center without the need for electrical wiring or communication cables.

  • i-Stop will not break under any truck weight. It is made of metal and has a unique global control unit.

  • The existing i-Stop control system function with a battery that can be replaced once a year.

  • Easy maintenance with no electric cables wear and tear.

  • i-Stop does not disrupt existing communication frequencies in the logistics center.

Sigal Uzan Gordon

Solan Systems U.S. Marketing Director


Ms. Sigal Uzan Gordon, Marketing Director at Solan Systems in North America, has been in the field of innovative safety technology since 2014. Sigal’s experience with the working conditions in plants across the U.S. convinced her that employee safety can and should be improved with not much effort. She continues to explain, “There is really no need for employees to work each day, unaware that their lives are at risk, especially when we now have a variety of cutting-edge products to prevent accidents and maximize safety.”


Sigal’s insight, combined with her drive to make significant improvements, make her the ideal candidate to foster change for the better. Her broad experience, including assisting U.S. dealers with marketing the new rotating electric/diesel forklifts, will lead to the best approach to implement Solans’s safety technologies. Sigal’s motto: “If you think safety is expensive, what will you say after an accident?

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