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SOZ3 System

Saving Lives



With Solan Safety Operation Zone 3 forklift accidents are prevented with a sound alert and use of led lights

Light and Shadow

To be on the safe side, SOZ-3 projects (with light) the hazardous area around a working forklift. It is sensitive to both objects and people

With the SOZ-3 system, the Electric Pallet Truck driver in a logistics center can easily avoid accidents with people and objects, especially
while going backward or in poor visibility situations. Led lights mounted on the Electric pallet truck indicate a 9.8ft (3 meters) hazard area around the vehicle. If the light comes in contact with a person or an object this triggers an audio alert of 50-80 dB.

When an Electric pallet truck moves in the warehouse and suddenly something arrives in
the travel lane (speed of 2.5 km/h or more) then the SOZ3 warning system goes into action.
The system alerts use a speaker located on the outside of the system, with the device protected by a metal cover.

SOZ-3 can be installed in any existing logistics operating area.

The system comes in 3 configurations:


An arc of glowing blue light marks a secure area in the back of the vehicle. When the light comes in contact with a person/object, an alert sound will prevent a possible accident just before the forklift arrives at the meeting point.


270° Coverage
You can add two sides forklift led lamps. These will create safety border stripes on each side of the vehicle, thus completing a semi-circle and creating a 270° alert arc around the forklift.


360° coverage
360° coverage with 4 headlights at the top of the forklift for the full safety coverage.

All options can work without a sound alert.

There are several additional options for the
system including connection to 'turtle mode' and the addition of ARC lighting to the front of an Electric Pallet Truck.


The SOZ-3 system was designed with a radar that can detect objects that are in motion when a fork truck or other MHE moves toward them.


SOZ3 System Specification:


  • LED Forklift Warning Light and ARC-Safety Light

  • 12-72V ARC Warning Light 

  • Height 137.10 mm / 5.4 in

  • Width 104.30 mm / 4.11 in

  • Depth 73.90 mm / 2.91 in

  • Shape Round

  • Outer Lens Material Polycarbonate

  • Outer Lens Color Clear

  • Housing Material Die-Cast Aluminum

  • Housing Color Black

  • Bezel Color Black

  • Mounting Hardware Description M10-30mm M10 Stainless Steel

  • Mounting Type Pedestal

  • Minimum Operating Temperature : -40 °C / -40 °F

  • Maximum Operating Temperature: 65 °C / 149 °F

  • Connector or Wiring 19.5" Bare Leads (tinned)

  • Product Weight 1.50 lbs / 0.68 kgs


  • Input Voltage 12-24V DC

  • Operating Voltage 10-80V DC

  • Transient Spike Protection 330V Peak @ 1 HZ-100 Pul

  • Black Wire Ground

  • Red Wire Power

  • Current Draw 1.20A @ 12V DC

  • 0.60A @ 24V DC

  • 0.40A @ 36V DC

  • 0.30A @ 48V DC

  • 0.24A @ 60V DC

  • 0.20A @ 72V DC

For California Residents: ⚠️ WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm /
Soz3 sys.JPG

Sigal Uzan Gordon

Solan Systems U.S. Marketing Director


Ms. Sigal Uzan Gordon, Marketing Director at Solan Systems in North America, has been in the field of innovative safety technology since 2014. Sigal’s experience with the working conditions in plants across the U.S. convinced her that employee safety can and should be improved with not much effort. She continues to explain, “There is really no need for employees to work each day, unaware that their lives are at risk, especially when we now have a variety of cutting-edge products to prevent accidents and maximize safety.”


Sigal’s insight, combined with her drive to make significant improvements, make her the ideal candidate to foster change for the better. Her broad experience, including assisting U.S. dealers with marketing the new rotating electric/diesel forklifts, will lead to the best approach to implement Solans’s safety technologies. Sigal’s motto: “If you think safety is expensive, what will you say after an accident?

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