Observation Post

Saving Lives



Solan Advanced Forklift Collision Avoidance System deliver solid protection your workers need now.

Forklift accidents are on the rise. It’s a fact.

The frequency of forklift accidents is on the rise in factories, warehouses and other facilities. Following are just a few reasons for the increasing occurrence:

  • Stress and pressure to meet deadlines

  • Lack of concentration

  • Increased workloads

  • Poor visibility

  • Unanticipated obstacles

Many of these accidents occur at crossings and intersections, ends of long passages or in areas with blind spots. Some are simply due to unawareness of silent vehicles and pedestrians. But whether the collision is between forklift and pedestrian, forklift and forklift, or any other factor, the results can be as devastating as lifelong injuries or even worse, fatalities. There is a vital need for accident prevention.


Observation Post


The latest in a series of SOLAN solutions, Observation Post is designed to eliminate damage and injury due to collisions. The system ensures identification and warning of approaching forklifts at distances of 4 to 8 meters before meeting points. It features detection and identification units and flashing signals positioned on site or at a distance of 4 meters. Observation Post detects the movement of forklifts approaching designated meeting points and alerts pedestrians and other forklift operators when they are in dangerous proximity of one another via warning alarms or flashing lights.

Observation Post: The Obvious Advantages


  • Immediate identification and alert of approaching forklifts and pedestrians

  • Quick, simple installation (operation requires12/24V A.C. infrastructure)

  • Flexible configuration according to customer needs and conditions 

  • Affordable cost

Additional Applications:

Alert system for bus parking areas.

The system alerts for any moving bus or truck in the parking lot or when they approach an intersection.

Remote-controlled alert system. 

This system operates when hazardous materials are transported in production plants. For example, when transporting hot liquid metal (1832 degrees Fahrenheit), the user can use a remote control to generate alerts to anyone within a distance of 330 feet to stay away.

Alert when there is any movement from an overhead crane

The system is installed in critical areas along the crane path. Alert lights are installed where workers cross the crane path in the plant area.

Alert system for mines. 

Any intersection with poor or questionable visibility can generate alert of incoming cargo cars.

Low passage height alert.

A height alert system helps prevent accidents. It indicates low clearance for trucks, where drivers may not be aware of their vehicle height limits.

Voice alert system. 

When a forklift is approaching, workers in the operating area get an advance vocal alert. The system includes many variations which can be used based on plant specific requirements.