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Junction Observation Post

Saving Lives



Advanced multi-directional warning system for accident prevention in meeting places with forklifts

Saves lives in places where the chances of being hit are particularly high. From now there is a complete visual and audio response alerting an approaching forklift and workers.

Junction Observation Post for intersections in logistics centers saves lives in places where the chances of being hit are particularly high. Starting now there is a complete safety visual/audio solution for intersections with a limited view, contained areas, aisles with blind corners, and forklift aisles exit areas where attention is required to observe 3-4 directions.


When a simultaneous 4-way safety alert is required, this system provides the required response performing a constant circular scan of each forklift approaching the junction. When an approaching forklift is detected a green light indicates to the driver a safe passage. Red lights will appear in the remaining directions. After the forklift exits the junction, green lights will appear again. This will happen in 5/9/14 seconds. (Corresponding with the conditions set for the specific location).

It is recommended to install the system from the logistic center ceiling at a height of 6 or 7 meters (23ft). This will prevent operation disruption and the system can be clearly visible for anyone in the area. The 4 traffic lights come with 10 powerful red and green LEDs as well as an alarm capable of 0-85 decibels.

The system detects a forklift according to 3 parameters: speed, weight, and volume. As soon as these 3 parameters are met, the system goes into action. This means that the traffic lights will not be activated when a person approaches an intersection. The goal here is to prevent accidents between forklifts but a pedestrian warning is also available with a powerful audible alert.

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Prevent possible accidents like this with Solan JOP System

JOP product kit includes:


  • Control System

  • 4 Traffic Lights

  • 4 Forklift Detectors Covering a Range of 6 meters (18 feet)

  • 1 LED Lighting

  • Alert + Horn (84-104 db)

  • Hanging and Anchoring Accessories

System Dimensions:


  • 360/320/400 mm (14/12.6/15.7 inch)

  • Weight: 7.5kg  (16.5lb)


How the system works:

We recommend hanging the JOP system in the center of a junction point at a height of 23 feet (7 meters) using 4 metal cables which are stretched to 4 existing grip points (available in the assembly kit). Access to a power supply is required at the ceiling location. When powered all 4 traffic lights are green. As a forklift begins to approach from one direction, the system identifies the movement. A green light appears in the direction of the approaching forklift. Red lights will be visible for all other directions for 5, 9, or 14 seconds. At the same time, an audible alert is activated for all pedestrians in the area.

Sigal Uzan Gordon

Solan Systems U.S. Marketing Director


Ms. Sigal Uzan Gordon, Marketing Director at Solan Systems in North America, has been in the field of innovative safety technology since 2014. Sigal’s experience with the working conditions in plants across the U.S. convinced her that employee safety can and should be improved with not much effort. She continues to explain, “There is really no need for employees to work each day, unaware that their lives are at risk, especially when we now have a variety of cutting-edge products to prevent accidents and maximize safety.”


Sigal’s insight, combined with her drive to make significant improvements, make her the ideal candidate to foster change for the better. Her broad experience, including assisting U.S. dealers with marketing the new rotating electric/diesel forklifts, will lead to the best approach to implement Solans’s safety technologies. Sigal’s motto: “If you think safety is expensive, what will you say after an accident?

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