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Solan innovative air screen


Solan's breakthrough cold-keeping Jet Air is an innovative air screen that prevents cold air from escaping and hot air from entering the vehicle cargo area. Operation couldn't be easier. Upon setting out to the destination, the driver activates the unit via the switch and the unit operates all day long.


According to the 1st Law of Thermodynamics, the warm temperature outside of the truck will dominate over the cold temperature inside. But with Jet Air, upon loading or unloading cargo, cooled air is constantly maintained by high pressure air flow emitted from the screen which prevents cold air from escaping.


At the end of the day, the system is simply switched off. The air jets are autonomous and operate independently of any other units in the vehicle. The air jets use existing energy (battery) resulting in substantial savings in fuel, engine hours and cooling units.


Here's how it works:


  1. Upon closing doors at main logistical center, Jet-Air operation is initiated by distributor/driver prior to departure.

  2. Once doors are opened at first destination, Jet Air units produce highpressure. Operation is maintained throughout unloading period.

  3. Jet Air continuously drives cold air into the cargo area (85%) and cold air around the doors and outside of
    the truck (15%) 

  4. As doors are closed Jet Air ceases operation. Cold remains constant inside cargo area

  5. Upon arrival at distribution point, operation automatically resumes throughout distribution process

  6. At the end of the work day, operator switches system off


Jet-Air assures these advantages


Constant Climate

Jet-Air maintains a constant, stabilized temperature near vehicle doors and throughout the cargo area.

Reduced Product Returns

With Jet-Air's unique technology there are virtually no temperature differences in the product, from origin to destination. Prevents spoilage.


Forever Freshness

Jet-Air dramatically reduces the amount of cold air that escapes from the cargo area. Thus, product freshness is maintained throughout transport, during loading and unloading, until reaching the final destination in the delivery chain.


Clean and Green

Works on battery energy, no polluting fuel emissions.


Savings across-the-board

In fuel, power consumption and wear and tear on the engine.


Numerous Applications

Chilled food products, pharmaceuticals, wines, flowers, sweets and more.



Technical Specifications:


  • Size (in mm): 1150 L X 185 H X 185 W

  • Power: 24 Volt D.C

  • Unit Power Consumption: 4 A

  • Auto Start/Stop: Upon opening/closing doors

  • Weight: 16.5 KG

  • Composition: Aluminum

  • Adaptable to virtually any transport vehicle

The EUT complies with the radiated

emissions requirements of 2004/104/EC

Jet-Air 24V D.C. Air Curtain

Cool that goes the distance – any distance

Jet Air installments
in Austria, South Africa and in Israel

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