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The Cold Truth Is That...

Over the years, as the price of fuel has accelerated the cost of keeping shipments cold on the road has skyrocketed. At the same time, customers are becoming more and more demanding about temperature conditions. Food safety is a growing concern and everyone in the cold chain is seeking proven, cost-effective solutions to protect their shipments. Inspired by these challenges, SOLAN is building a strong reputation as an industry leader with a portfolio of unique solutions that benefit everyone along the delivery chain, from the farmer to the consumer.


Our First Priority Is Lasting Freshness

Founded in 2005, SOLAN is dedicated to designing, manufacturing and marketing innovative solutions for refrigerated transport. With a staff of highly skilled engineers combining decades of experience, our performance-driven company is constantly devising new ideas and technologies that meet the ongoing challenges facing the industry.


Cargo that keeps its cool

Every product has a Thermal Memory, i.e., when its temperature rises, it stays there and spoilage occurs. SOLANs superior refrigeration solutions prevent rising temperatures inside the cargo area, assuring that products maintain their fresh start from origin to destination, regardless of environmental conditions.


SOLAN. Driven by innovation

Our unique concepts are recognized for their energy savings and high performance, assuring that products and produce reach their destinations in optimal condition. Our personal approach yields versatile solutions that can be customized to your business, large or small.

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