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D.F.M. System

Saving Lives



With Solan D.F.M. System (Don't Forget Me) trucks will
no longer slide recklessly 

Starting now, the Maxi handle will not be ignored

Everyone knows that “time is money” and that people are trying to accomplish more while being under wide range of pressures, these pressures sometimes endanger others, or in our case, the driver himself.

When a truck driver leaves his truck cabin, he does not always use the truck’s parking brake handle (called Maxi) and relies on the automatic braking system which under 5 PSI pressure keeps the truck from moving. The brakes are locked automatically, but if the engine continues to operate, the brakes will be released and the truck will move without the driver. In this situation there will be only two options: either the driver will watch his truck move ahead independently hoping that it will not harm people or property, or his immediate response will be to try and stop the truck with his own hands, in most cases he will be killed.


In order to prevent the occurrence of such accidents, Solan markets the D.F.M. system, which prevents the truck driver from leaving the truck cabin while ignoring the Maxi handle. Thus preventing a possible accident. When the driver activate the Maxi handle, and lock the truck in place, the D.F.M. system recognize it and no alarm is needed. But if the driver does not use the Maxi handle and decides to exit the cabin, an alarm system will start (both sound and light) and it will not stop until the driver remembers to lock the Maxi handle as needed for safety.


DFM System Advantages


  • The D.F.M. System is compatible with any kind of truck.

  • It has been tested for reliability, quality and resilience.

  • The system warns both the truck driver and his external environment, and the alarm simply cannot be ignored.

  • Use the system to prevent unnecessary accidents, save lives, avoid damages and save money!

Sigal Uzan Gordon

Solan Systems U.S. Marketing Director


Ms. Sigal Uzan Gordon, Marketing Director at Solan Systems in North America, has been in the field of innovative safety technology since 2014. Sigal’s experience with the working conditions in plants across the U.S. convinced her that employee safety can and should be improved with not much effort. She continues to explain, “There is really no need for employees to work each day, unaware that their lives are at risk, especially when we now have a variety of cutting-edge products to prevent accidents and maximize safety.”


Sigal’s insight, combined with her drive to make significant improvements, make her the ideal candidate to foster change for the better. Her broad experience, including assisting U.S. dealers with marketing the new rotating electric/diesel forklifts, will lead to the best approach to implement Solans’s safety technologies. Sigal’s motto: “If you think safety is expensive, what will you say after an accident?

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